Tea-sing Your Taste Buds: How to Find & Drink a Proper Cup of Tea

Format: PDF   |   Pages: 13

How can I find, prepare, and drink a proper cup of tea? This publication seeks to answer these questions.

Like fine wine, tea is more than a drink. For some people it’s an art form; for others it’s a way of life. According to the Tea Council of the USA, it’s the second most consumed beverage in the world (after water). And while the US purports to be a nation of coffee drinkers, the Council estimates that on any given day nearly 127 million Americans (about half the people in this country) drink some variety of tea, producing sales that surpass the $1 billion level. Properly brewed and appreciated, tea can form the basis of social interactions, provide pleasure, and improve both physical and mental health.

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“Ms.Ruff does it again! Her style of writing is so intriguing, captivating, and articulate. Who knew reading a book about tea could be so interesting. I have followed the steps to prepare my tea correctly, and there has definitely been a difference in the taste and flavor when drinking the tea. I would recommend everyone to purchase this book and share it with everyone you know. Thanks again Ms. Ruff! I look forward to more of your writing.” –Sharna L.

“As a dedicated tea drinker, I thought that I knew a lot about tea. I was wrong! I knew very little about my favorite beverage. Tea-sing Your Tastebuds is a wonderful book filled with many delightful tidbits. The author discusses, in detail, the origin of tea as a beverage and how its popularity spread throughout the world. Tea has many health benefits beyond the antioxidants, [playing]  a part in lowering cholesterol levels [and helping with] stomach issues. This book is definitely worth reading, especially if a cup of tea is among your favorite pleasures.” –Patricia B.

“This e-book is a good introduction to the world of tea for those who want to learn more about its history and what different types of tea there are. I have learned a new way to prepare and appreciate tea.” –Tamika C.

“If you are interested in tea and want to enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of it, Miriam Ruff’s e-book is an excellent source of information that will quickly get you up to speed on the subject. Written in an easily accessible style, this book covers everything from the various types of tea to the historical origins to proper preparation and storage, as well as the associated health benefits. Personally, I never understood all of the confusing abbreviations on packets of tea, and Miriam’s book made it simple to understand. Read this book, and then go brew yourself a nice cup of tea!” –Robert B.