Editing and writing services in Maryland

What does an editor do?

Basically, it is the job of the editor to make sure the writer’s words, intent, and format are clear and correct. For even the best of writers, sometimes we get too “close” to the material and can’t view what we’ve written objectively. An editor can help you catch discrepancies in logic, argument, or content; grammar; and organization before the document is sent out or posted.

Your editing package includes:

  1. Developmental editing (editing for content, argument, or flow) and line editing (grammar, spelling, and punctuation).
  2. Multiple passes on each document, both on hard copy and on-screen, to ensure problems are identified and corrected (the number of passes is determined in the contract).
  3. Edits made by using the Track Change feature in MS Word so you can see exactly what we’ve changed and determine if you want to accept or reject that change – we’ll even help you learn how to use that feature if you aren’t familiar with it already.

Please note: Bumbershoot, Inc. will not be responsible for any content or editorial errors if you change material but do not provide a changed copy for us to proofread after you’ve done so.

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