Writing prompt: Continue the story from part 1, and leave another cliffhanger. Maximum words 300.


She sucked the last drips of juices from the corpse and disposed of the empty shell on the mounting pile below. She was restless. Bored. She hadn’t felt challenged in a very long time, and she missed the thrill of the adrenaline charging through her body. Maybe her web had gotten too cozy …

That was going to change, though. She had a job interview today, and she was looking forward to it – general manager at Biomech, Inc., where they researched new medical and technological solutions. It was unusual that they would be looking outside their company, and it was even more unusual that they would hire a woman in such a male-dominated industry. But she had some inside pull, a nice, pliable gentleman she met on her last excursion spinning her way through the bar scene. She found he had uses beyond her normal interest in the dumber sex.

She chose a smart-looking black pantsuit from her wardrobe and swept her hair up in a softly alluring bun. Nothing too severe, or they would feel threatened and wouldn’t let her in. She accessorized her suit with an intricately woven pin on her collar, a red splash against the sea of black, shaped like an hourglass. She found it could be mesmerizing when stared at for more than just a passing moment. Her heels were high, and made a wonderful staccato tapping sound when she walked. Her legs could be mesmerizing, too.

She sat back in the upholstery of the cab she hailed and glanced out the window, thinking about the day ahead. Oh, what an experience this would be – a spider in a room of flies. Yes, the web would be full tonight.

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