Writing prompt: Give an emotional push to the story. 150-350 words.


Oh, how her life had changed. She had never thought of herself as a mother, but instinct had overpowered reason, and here she was ready to give birth to a whole new generation. The arachnologist had been the perfect choice, and she was not sorry at how their relationship had ended, and it did not matter whether or not he would have agreed.

It was a moonless night, and her black clothing let her move undetected back from the lab to her cozy little hideaway. Once inside, she breathed deeply of the warm air and the smell of moisture across the wooden beams. She could think of no better home for herself and her babies. She would need to prepare the nursery, of course – lots and lots of cushioning silk to protect the little ones from harm until they were old enough to find their own way in the world. And she needed to store up on food for herself so she could watch over them without having to leave them too soon.

Before she could do much, though, there was a knock on her front door. She ignored it the first time, irritated at the disturbance. When it came the second time, louder and more insistent, she grasped the knob and yanked it open, prepared to tear the head off whoever was there. But it was she who was taken aback. There was a man in a coverall uniform standing in front of her, a great metal tank with a hose in his hand. She saw his company’s logo, and, for once, she was speechless.

“Good evening, ma’am,” the man drawled. “I’m from Orkin. I’ve been hearing from your neighbors that there might be a pest problem around here, and I thought I’d drop by. Be happy to clean up the little buggers for you.”

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