Writing prompt: Continue the series, end on another cliffhanger. 150-300 words.


It was her lunch hour, and she was restless. She usually stayed in her office looking out over the city, but today that seemed too confining, even with the view. She threw on a black wool coat over her black power suit, took the elevator down 22 floors, and went out into the crisp air of late autumn.

She had nowhere really to go, so she did something she hadn’t done in quite some time – she leaned up against the building and watched the hordes of people go by. She flattened her back straight against the stone wall, but she lifted her right leg slightly, resting the sole of her right, black stiletto pump against it, too. It gave her a more relaxed appearance, like someone just waiting for the right person to come by.

Even though this was a business district, the crowd was a definite mix of types. The shorts and T-shirts of the bike messengers and the uniforms of the pizza delivery guys were so beneath her, she barely gave them a glance, and her eyes darted around. The secretaries in their jackets and skirts wearing running shoes as they hopped out of the office to grab a bite looked simply ludicrous. ‘Look the part, act the part,’ she mentally admonished them.

Then she saw him. Dark-haired, dressed in Armani and Italian loafers, walking down the street as if he owned it. Actually, he might well own it. As he passed her by, he gave her an appreciative look. Their eyes met, and she touched a finger lightly to her darkly reddened lips. She pushed off the wall and took a step toward him in the crowd. This would be a lunch worth remembering.

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