(for my Joe)


I choose the red one

Long-stem, single

Nothing to be lost

In profusion


I pick up the silver band

And put it in my jacket pocket

The one with the dolphin

  chasing its tail

The one you said you’d love

To have

If you weren’t still

The starving writer


I look at my watch

Still 15 minutes before

We’re supposed to meet at

That little Thai restaurant you like

Plenty of time

And not enough


As I drive,

My thinking moves to the future

About how you’ll look harried

From your day

As you rush up

About how you’ll laugh happily

When you see the rose

About how we’ll sit in

The back booth

Away from the noise

Our hands touching

Saying nothing

But everything

At the same time


And then to the far future

To the eternity

  that will follow

When you finally do speak

Uttering the only word

That matters



(c)2017 Miriam Ruff All Rights Reserved