(A MarsLives Poem)


I be drawn to the
Sky bright with
Twilight sun
Ground’s dust as red as
The blood we pour into
The mines Below
Standin’ on the surface
The hiss of air
Be comforting
Within the evac suit
I wear
I breathe quickly
But no panic
I just be
Tunnel rat
Out of my place
I come out here
So little
I feel I be a
In my own world
But the expanse be
Out there
Almost at tips of
Hands reachin’ out
And it remind me
Of our place
So special
Within the open space
Of astronomical things
I die
For my world
My home
More than that
I fight for it
Live for it
To see it live
For those like me
We Martians
We all be Martians
To the core

(c) 2017 Miriam Ruff All Rights Reserved