Writing prompt: Write a vignette 15-200 words


The pen flowed easily across the paper – longhand, cursive, decidedly old-fashioned, but the penmanship a thing of beauty.

“I adored her,” he wrote.

“She was my light, my life, my soul. She brought meaning to my existence and gave me hope for the future. Our life together was a joy few can know in their lifetimes, and one I was fortunate enough to have. Our child was to be the beginning of new things, new experiences.

“The blood started as a trickle and became a river, and the doctor could do nothing to staunch the flow. She gripped my hand as her face blanched, clinging to me as to life itself. It took all my strength just to squeeze it back, reassuring her that I was still there with her. Then she gave a little gasp, and her eyes went blank. And in that moment my whole world washed away. If there is a heaven, perhaps we will find each other again.”

He folded the paper and sealed it with wax. The gun was already on the desk, and it took him only a moment to find his courage.

(c) 2017 Miriam Ruff All Rights Reserved