Classical Poetry

A Cry from the Deep (a Trijan Refrain)

A Light from the Grave (a triolet in amphibrachic catalectic tetrameter)

Belonging (a Japanese haibun)

Blackout (a rondeau redoublé)

Bound (a Spanish endecha)

Chasms (a Welsh clogyrnach, Type 2)

Commitment (Free Verse)

Crossing the Bridge (a villanelle)

Deceptions (a pantoum)

Desperate Times (a Welsh cogyrnach, Type 1)

Destinies (a Star Wars kyrielle)

Embedded (an amphion)

Embracing (an Englyn circh)

Headlong (a villanelle)

Language of Life (a Trijan Refrain)

Meaningful Encounters (a pantoum)

Misalignment (a Trijan Refrain)

NCC-1701 (a French rondel prime)

On Cosmic Winds (a French rondeau)

Possession (a quadruple French triolet)

Predators (a triolet in amphobrachic catalactic tetrameter)

Restless Spirits (an expanded Italian rispetto)

The End and the Beginning (an Italian sonnet)

The Feast (a hendecasyllabic strambetto in rispetto form)

The King Never Crowned (a villanelle)

The Shutter Snaps (a terzanelle)

The Tree in the Lot (a Trijan Refrain)

The Winds of Change (an Italian sonnet)

Unrequited (a French rondeau)

With Love All Now Grows (song lyrics)


Flash Fiction

A Heart’s Lament

By Any Other Name

Day of Reckoning

Night Terrors

Sudden Impact

The Evolution of Compassion

The Ides of April

To Die For

Tomorrow Never Came



PoetsIN Friday Feature – 10-20-17



A Place in the Stars (poem)

Home Soil

Home Front (an Italian ottava rima)

Mining Deep

Series: Inception – MarsLives Part 1

Series: Inception – MarsLives Part 2

Series: Inception – MarsLives Part 3

Series: Inception – MarsLives Part 4

Series: Inception – MarsLives Part 5

Series: Inception – MarsLives Part 6

The Core of the Matter

The Day of Rite



Part 1:  Oh, the Tangled Web We Weave

Part 2:  … When We Practice to Deceive

Part 3: Spider, Spider Burning Bright …

Part 4: … In the Forest of the Night

Part 5: Rock-a-bye Babies in the Tree Tops

Part 6: When the Wind Blows the Cradle Will Rock


Short Stories


[Query][Life][Other] Part 2 – Interlude

[Query][Life][Other] Part 3 – Message

[Query][Life][Other] Sidebar – Implications

[Query][Life][Other] Part 5 – A Cry in the Dark

On the Edge

Same Place, Different Time


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